5 tips to boost fertility in women suffering from PCOS

Many women who suffer from PCOS worry about becoming pregnant. PCOS is one of the most frequent conditions among women who are trying to conceive. Females with this disorder have higher levels of masculine hormones. Ovulation can be hampered by this hormone imbalance. Although PCOS might make it more difficult to conceive, there are options for women to increase their fertility. Read these tips to boost fertility in women suffering from PCOS:

5 tips to boost fertility in women suffering from PCOS


Ovulation can be hampered by high amount of male hormones. A woman will not be able to conceive if a healthy egg is not released at ovulation. Without the use of ovulation medicines, many women with PCOS are unable to conceive. These drugs can assist a woman in ovulating and becoming pregnant. Women can consult with a doctor or a fertility specialist to determine the optimum dose and type of medicine for them.

It’s crucial to find what weight is healthy for your body

Many women find that losing 10% of their body weight improves their hormones and ovulation. A woman’s menstrual cycle, insulin resistance, and general fertility can all be improved with just a 5% weight loss. According to one study, women who exercised on a regular basis had a 5% reduced chance of infertility than women who did not exercise at all. Overexercising, on the other hand, can increase inflammation in the body, which is harmful to fertility. Aim to exercise at a moderate intensity 3-5 times a week for the best effects.

Manage Stress

Keeping stress at bay when suffering with infertility can be difficult. Long-term stress, on the other hand, can have a negative effect on hormones and fertility. Cortisol levels rise when people are under a lot of stress, which might lead to an increase in insulin. Talk therapy, meditation, exercise, and connecting with loved ones may be beneficial to people who are stressed.


Women may benefit from assisted reproductive technologies (ART), such as In Vitro Fertilisation, if ovulation drugs do not increase fertility (IVF). According to studies, women with PCOS who undergo IVF treatment had the same success rates as women who do not have the condition. Typically, doctors will begin by recommending drugs and lifestyle modifications to improve fertility, and if these measures fail, ART will be recommended.

Keep Surgical options open

If alternative treatment options fail, surgical procedures to increase fertility are available for women with PCOS. Ovarian drilling is a surgical procedure used to induce ovulation. Despite the fact that ovarian drilling is not always essential, research has shown that up to 50% of women who undergo the procedure are able to become pregnant within the first year after the procedure.

Don’t Give up!

Though the illness can make pregnancy more difficult, it is not impossible to have a baby, and women should not give up hope. Women with PCOS who want to get pregnant should speak with a doctor about diagnosis and treatment options.

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