9 truths you should know about IVF

Marriage and Making babies are almost synonyms and every couple wants to have their own child. But because of an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking cigarettes, heavy use of alcohol, stress, and many other factors, infertility in both males and females is a leading concern these days. Luckily, the infertility parents who weren’t able to conceive can produce their own biological child through IVF. IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation is a modern and latest gift to life science in which male and female gametes are fertilized outside the female body and then placed inside the uterus for its growth.

9 truths you should know about IVF

Here I am listing 9 truths you should know about IVF

  1. There is no guarantee

IVF can be time taking, and you need to invest your money and patience. But it doesn’t come with any guarantee. The chances of getting pregnant depend upon a number of factors like the age of the women, 35-40 percent of women under the age of 35 had positive IVF till now. Young and healthy sperms and eggs have more success rate. The success rate can also depend on the experience of the doctor and the clinic you choose. World IVF Centre is the best clinic for successful IVF treatment.

2. Younger eggs can be helpful

If you are above 40 and want to have a baby, a young egg of a woman less than 35 years of age can be more helpful. Younger eggs have more success rate.

3. Can be depressing

Social stigmas related to infertility can be stressful. IVF can be depressing and the mother can face many emotional challenges during her entire treatment. Emotional support, love, and care should be given by family and friends to the women undergoing an IVF treatment.

4. Can be painful

Natural methods of conceiving can be fun and stress-free. But once you opt for IVF, be prepared for the pain. The surgeries can be painful and can be a toll on your mental health.

5. Long term affair

IVF is not a single-day procedure. It takes time and patience. You need to reduce your daily exercise, get bedridden for a few days until you test pregnancy positive. It is a long-term affair. Once you visit the clinic, doctors provide you with hormone shots and for 10-12 days a woman gives herself shots before the doctor retrieves her gametes. It takes 6-10days to fertilize your gametes in the lab. Basically, it takes around 6-7 weeks after your periods for preparation and injecting a fertilized embryo inside a uterus.

6 . More masturbation is good for men

Studies say that men who masturbate more have healthy and strong sperms. So it is said if you masturbate frequently during IVF, that increases the success rate because of more healthy and more motile sperms.

7 . It is more common than you think

IVF should not be considered a stigma. It is the newest and safest technology that has been accepted by multiple women. And has put a smile on the faces of thousands of couples. About one in eight couples face difficulty in natural conceiving, so be carefree and happy!

8. Even father-to-be are affected

If you think that only females face challenges during an IVF process, then you are wrong. Women do face a lot of health issues but dads are emotionally drained too. Every couple wants a baby, so pregnancy loss, anxieties, health issues of a wife, affects male too!

9. More sleep better IVF

Studies suggest women with more than 10 hours of sleep every night have shown a positive success rate. So get bedridden, rest, and reduce your exertions.



IVF can be painful, depressing, time taking, and an expensive affair. But it is the safest method to conceive and produce your own baby if you are infertile. Don’t be afraid to opt for IVF, visit WORLD IVF CENTRE for your successful birth story.

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