Posted on Jul 30, 2022

Posted on Jul 30, 2022

Are You Considering ICSI Treatment? Here' What You Need To Know

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is an IVF process where a single live sperm is directly injected into the center of a human egg. This technique has been used in cases of high male infertility or when the other IVF processes have failed. The ICSI treatment has a high success rate and provides hope for couples with little to no hope of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Are You Considering ICSI Treatment? Here What You Need To Know

Here are 4 things you should know about ICSI treatment before choosing it yourself.

1.  Is there a requirement for donor sperm in ICSI?

Unlike other IVF methods, ICSI doesn’t require a sperm donor. Usage of ICSI treatment has led to declining in donor sperm requirement. You must know that in the ICSI treatment, your sperm will be first analyzed and the best sperm out of the semen sample will be selected for injecting into the human egg for the process. The semen sample is processed using the centrifugal method and the debris such as dead sperms is removed and the healthy ones are separated. At the World IVF center, we have the best techniques through which we can easily separate good-quality sperm and select it for the ICSI process. If you’re still confused, get your semen sample analyzed by the World IVF center today.

2.  Is there a difference between ICSI embryos and non-ICSI embryos?

There has been no difference discovered or observed between an ICSI embryo and a non-ISCI embryo. Moreover, the experts believe that ICSI has improved embryo yield from a given number of eggs as the ICSI process used at the World IVF center is precise and has a high success rate.

3.  How successful is the ICSI treatment?

At the World IVF center for pregnancy-related issues, we have seen a very high success rate of almost 80-85% in the ICSI treatment. The fertilization rate of human eggs is around 70-80%, which is comparable to other fertility processes available, even with the fertilization with normal sperm.

4.  Who should get ICSI treatment?

You should consider ICSI treatment if you are experiencing the following problems:

  1. If you have tried other IVF methods using different sperm donors and failed, you should consider ICSI treatment from IVF World center.
  2.  Males with high infertility and variable sperm count should try the ICSI treatment as it has a higher chance of pregnancy.
  3. If the male has got a vasectomy reversal, the World IVF center highly recommends ICSI regardless of your sperm quality as the vasectomy might have created sperm antibodies which can cause infertility.

So, these are the things you should know about ICSI treatment. At the World IVF center, we have the best laboratory equipment to analyze and pick the best-suited sperm for the process and high success rate of pregnancy through ICSI treatment. Contact us or visit us for the best advice on pregnancy-related issues and let our experts take care of you.

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