Bursting the myth of gender specific infertility problem

Infertility is not only a female issue. Problems with conceiving can be equally due to male or female conditions. Statistics suggest that 35 to 40 percent of the problems are caused by male conditions, another 35 to 40 percent by females. And sometimes, 20 to 30 percent of the time, it is the combination of the two, plus a small percentage of unknown causes. When a couple starts planning a family and fails to do so, most don’t know that pregnancy failure can be because both the egg and the sperm are affected and both partners have infertility issues. The best possible health remedy is to make smart choices around abstinence from drugs, smoking and opting for weight control management and some medical conditions which can increase the chances of fertility in both males and females.

Bursting the myth of gender specific infertility problem

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  • Cause of male infertility that can attribute to infertility in Female

  Slow sperm mobility, abnormal morphology and certain unknown causes can be attributed to low infertility in couples, this may or may not mean the female partner is infertile.

  •  Infertility is a female problem and males have nothing to do with it. Only the woman is responsible for the infertility

For a very long time in our society, in fact, even now people out there believe that infertility is only related to females. Whereas infertility is not a gender based problem and can affect both males as much as females. Reproductive system of male function can significantly be impaired by semen volume, quality of sperm, progressive mobility of sperm, sperm morphology, sperm concentration, and the number of spermatozoa, low sperm count, impaired sperm quality.

Two thirds of male infertility is because of these reasons. But genetics, hormones, reproductive tract infections can also contribute to male infertility.

  • Women are responsible to take care of their health on their own

When it comes to planning for pregnancy, it is extremely important and necessary to develop and incorporate healthy habits and stop some of the acquired unhealthy habits such as excessive smoking, drinking, substance abuse, exposure to harmful chemicals, and wearing tight underwear. Sexually transmitted diseases decrease the quality of sperm, which is equally detrimental as the low quality of egg. Smoking tobacco has been linked to low sperm counts and sluggish motility. Long term use of marijuana can result in low sperm count and abnormally developed sperm, which can cause infertility. Alcohol consumption can reduce the production of formerly formed sperm that is needed for a successful pregnancy.

Both being underweight or overweight can cause infertility in men. It can be related to the hormonal imbalance, if a man is too lean and has decreased sperm count functionality. Harsh exercise reduces the testosterone level in men and taking steroids can cause testicular shrinkage, that results in infertility, low intake of vitamin-C and zinc can clumpy sperm , vitamin-E releases excess free oxygen radicals which can affect sperm quality.

  • Fertility of men is forever. They can be reproductive as long as they live

Women do have a small fertility window but that doesn’t mean men can be active forever. The sperm count in men starts to decrease by the age of 45. Women who suffer from miscarriage, premature birth of the baby are found, in more cases, to have older partners. Genetic chromosomal and development disorders are quite likely to be in children, if the couple is planning to have a child when the maler partner is over the age of 70.

There is no doubt that males don’t have fertility window periods but that does not mean they can impregnate their partner anytime they want. In some males, it is possible to have children at the age of 70 but is not always successful.

Age of male is an important factor in terms of infertility as it can take a long time for conceiving. This is a shettle method of gender selection in girl sex selection. This favours the slower but larger and more resilient X-chromosome sperm ( for girl) rather than smaller, less resilient Y-chromosomes (boy) sperm. To conceive a boy, the Y-chromosome sperms have a better chance.

Covid – 19 situation

The virus has been found because of significant side effects in male fertility. Inflammation and oxidative stressing sperm cells of men were increased with Covid-19. Sperm concentration, mobility, sperm cell shape was altered in those male suffering with Covid-19. Credible scientific theory says that SARS is said to interrupt female fertility through regulating ACE2, sometime preterm delivery is seen to happen in women with Covid-19.

Different sexual positions impact the ability to conceive or with the sex determination of the child

From ancient times it is believed that deposing the sperm close to the cervix, such in the missionary position or woman on top can help or is more promising for conceiving boys than other positions. However, no real evidence is found. But definitely the correct timing of intercourse during the menstrual cycle is important for conception. Abstain from controversial claims about sexual position during intercourse, which says that intercourse be attempted regularly and well in advance of ovulation in order for a girl child and to have a boy intercourse is recommended near to the ovulation period.

Wearing tight underwear can cause male infertility

It is believed that loose underwear keeps scrotal temperature down and maintains fertility. Whereas studies have found there is no such evidence that shows loose underwear keep the temperature of the scrotal down.

Hot tubs and hot baths can cause infertility in men

It was believed for decades that using hot baths can act as a contraceptive for men. Infertility can be achieved sitting in the hot bath for at least 45 min daily for 3 weeks. Elevation in temperature is the mechanism for decreased fertility, which can be due to fever from flu or other illnesses as well as possibly the use of gadgets that can heat up.

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