How to support an IVF Mom

The sorrow of reproductive difficulties, fertility therapy, and loss may truly be understood only by those who have gone through it. When you’re on the sidelines watching a friend struggle with infertility, it can be tough to know what to say or do. It’s heartbreaking to see somebody you care about go through such anguish.

How to support an IVF Mom

All you want to do is alleviate their suffering and assist them in achieving the happy ending you know they deserve. You can’t, unfortunately. And you’re completely powerless. For successful infertility treatment contact world infertility & IVF centre Delhi today.

10 Ways to Help a IVF Mom

You can’t take her suffering away, but you can provide her a shoulder to cry on. You can’t give her and her partner the baby they so desperately desire, but you can make her feel less alone.

Not all of this advice is appropriate for everyone. You know your pal best, and you’ll be able to figure out what’s useful and what won’t work.

For example, some individuals find laughter to be a helpful method to get through difficult situations, while others find it to be insensitive.

Here are ten ways to show your support for a buddy going through IVF:


Make Inquiries

Asking questions is a simple method to demonstrate interest. If your buddy is discussing her treatment with you, avoid making broad remarks or offering your opinion. Instead, ask questions.

The questions may even assist your buddy in processing the information she has been provided, as well as provide her with another opportunity to consider the facts of her treatment.

Just ask if she wants to talk about it if you’re not sure. Inquire whether it is appropriate to ask questions, or inform her that she is not required to respond if she does not choose to.

Some women find it beneficial to discuss the specifics, but others may choose to keep their therapy private.

Make a note of any dates that are important to you.

Make a note of any dates mentioned by your friend, such as the date of transfer or her next appointment, while you’re conversing.

When the big day approaches, she’ll appreciate a note from you to let her know you’re thinking of her. You may send her a card in the mail or a warm, uplifting text message.

You don’t have to inquire how her appointment went if you don’t think she’ll want to talk about it, but a simple note, flowers, or even a bar of chocolate can remind her she’s not alone. Send her a decent book or a magazine to keep her occupied during the two-week wait.

Be respectful to her privacy.

If she refuses to talk about what she’s going through, be respectful. It can be difficult to see someone in pain and not be able to help, but you must let her to deal with it in her own manner.

You cannot compel her to communicate with you or rely on you. And you shouldn’t try to persuade her to tell you. She might not want to discuss the specifics of her treatment because she’d have to inform everyone if it didn’t work.

All you can do is let her know you care and that you’re available if she needs you. That is sometimes sufficient.

Check Your Suggestions

If your buddy is experiencing sentiments of rage and envy, she is unlikely to want to sit down and watch a movie about motherhood. She might not want to read a book in which the main character is trying to conceive.

Consider whether a television show or book contains any potentially sensitive issues before recommending it.

This will also make you realize how difficult it is to escape themes of parenting, pregnancy, and fertility; such narratives are all over the place. Your acquaintance is most likely struggling to cope with the frequent spotlight on these things.


Make an effort to be sympathetic to her sentiments. When she hears of other people’s pregnancies, it will hurt.

If you can keep her from learning that someone is pregnant, do so. Obviously, if it’s a friend, she’ll find out, but if it’s the woman you work with, she doesn’t need to know.

If you have kids, try not to complain about how difficult it is to be a parent.

Infertility is difficult, but so is parenting. She’d probably do anything to be able to complain about restless nights and kids who respond. Keep your groans to yourself.

If you are currently pregnant, avoid discussing your pregnancy negatively with your pal. You can whine to anyone else in your life, but spare a thought for your pregnant buddy; she’s probably trying hard enough to be happy for you as it is.

Be A Distraction For Her

Organize activities to keep her occupied. Invite her out to lunch, take her to the theatre or the movies, or get together with all of your friends. Get a diary full of exciting social activities to keep her mind off her therapy.

Also, be patient if she cancels at the last minute. She may not always want to see others, especially if she is suffering from sadness or anxiety as a result of infertility. Be a constant for her, so she knows you’re always there for her if she needs someone.

Be kind

Being confronted with someone else’s pain can be quite tough. When we don’t know what to say, we say meaningless things like “It will happen when it happens” or “It will happen when you quit trying.”

Don’t say those things; she’s had enough of them. You are not required to mention anything. She doesn’t expect you to say the correct thing; she simply wants you to listen. She doesn’t expect you to have the answers or solutions to her problems; she just wants to express them to someone who would listen.

Allow her to speak. This is all about her, not about you. You don’t know when it will happen, so don’t tell her.

Your acquaintance is well aware that not every story has a happy conclusion. Of course, you want things to go well for her, and it’s fine to express that, but don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Be Truthful With Her

It’s fine to admit that you don’t know what to say. It’s fine to express your wish for things to go well for her. It’s fine to express you’d like to help but don’t know how.

Admitting these things allows your buddy to tell you what she requires. She may want you to back off a little, or to come around and keep her company, or to cheer her up with some good news, but she is unlikely to tell you anything until you ask her directly what she requires from you.

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