IVF vs Surrogacy

Which one to choose between IVF and Surrogacy is one of the most frequently asked topics among infertile couples or those who are unable to conceive naturally. Yes, you read it correctly; infertility is very widespread these days, with 7.8 million women worldwide struggling to have a child. Both IVF and Surrogacy are options for having your child. It is possible to restore it to the couple who wishes to have a child using these choices.

IVF vs Surrogacy

To choose the finest alternative, one must first thoroughly comprehend all of the available options. So, come with us to better understand each other. Call and book your appointment with world infertility & IVF centre Delhi.

IVF: IVF is an abbreviation for in vitro fertilization, which aids in fertilisation, embryo development, and implantation to assist you to become pregnant.

Surrogacy is a fertility procedure in which a woman bears and delivers a kid to another partner.

Surrogacy: An egg from the intended mother is extracted and fertilised with the intended father’s sperm. The fertilised egg or embryo is subsequently transferred to a surrogate. The child is genetically related to the intended couple. Surrogates just carry the child in their wombs and give birth to them.

What is the treatment procedure?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the process of uniting egg and sperm inside a laboratory. This fertilised egg is inserted into your uterus. The IVF therapy is carried out in a step-by-step manner.

IVF entails numerous steps, and the process can take several months to complete. It depends on the person’s body type; sometimes it works on the first try, and sometimes it takes more than one. If you have fertility concerns, IVF is an excellent way to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Initially, the person is kept on medicine to mature the eggs and prepare them for fertilisation. The eggs are extracted from your body through a medical technique and blended with sperm in a laboratory so that the sperm can fertilise the eggs. This embryo or fertilised egg will be transported directly to your uterus, and pregnancy will occur.

Surrogacy: A patient seeks surrogacy when her female partner’s uterus has been removed for medical reasons. A female may have a uterus but choose surrogacy due to a uterine abnormality or an inherited issue.

The fertilisation takes place in the surrogate’s womb. Except for routine checks, there aren’t many medical procedures involved in this. The spouses must care for the surrogate mother until she gives birth to their child. Schedule your appointment with IVF specialist in Delhi NCR at World IVF center.

Step-by-step instructions

The procedure for carrying out the IVF method is as follows:

Ovulation Induction: You will be given fertility medicine for several months during this phase. This drug will assist you in producing eggs and maturing for fertilisation.

Doctors take matured eggs from your body during egg retrieval. In their clinic, they use a modest surgical technique for this.

During the surgical procedure, doctors will administer medication to help you relax and feel comfortable. During this procedure, ultrasonography is used to see within your body. Through your vagina, the doctor will insert a hollow tube into your ovary. The tube is aimed at the follicles that contain your eggs. Eggs are gently extracted from each follicle using a suction instrument.

Insemination: The next phase is performed in a laboratory when mature eggs are mixed with sperms, which is known as insemination. Your partner’s sperm or sperm from any donor can be used. The egg and sperm are kept in a separate container where fertilisation takes place. For fertilisation to occur, sperms with lesser motility are sometimes injected into the eggs. People working in the lab keep an eye on the embryo creation process.

Embryo Transfer: After 3-5 days, doctors will insert an embryo straight into your uterus via a tube. This tube is inserted into your uterus via your cervix.

Pregnancy occurs when the embryo becomes connected to the uterine lining.

After embryo transfer, it is recommended that you relax for the day and resume your normal activities the following day.

What Is the Difference Between Surrogacy and IVF?

The Surrogacy Method Execution Process and the Difference Between Surrogacy and IVF:

Before searching for the proper surrogate party, couples battling with infertility should be emotionally and mentally prepared for this treatment because it is a long emotional journey that requires a commitment from both sides. Because the procedure demands both emotional and financial investments, you should educate yourself thoroughly before embarking on it.

The following risks are involved:

IVF: Because IVF is accompanied by substantial medical procedures, some side effects are to be expected. Bloating, bleeding, breast soreness, cramping, adverse reaction to medications, headache, mood swings, swollen and painful ovaries, and infection are some of its side effects. Schedule your appointment with IVF specialist in Delhi NCR at World IVF centre.

People who are undergoing IVF treatment may experience despair and anxiety.

Surrogacy: If a couple chooses to have a baby this way, this method involves the side effect of IVF. Otherwise, the surrogate mother faces the same risks that a biological mother would face while pregnant.

There is also an emotional risk because the person carrying your baby is aware that the baby does not belong to her and that she is simply responsible for carrying the kid.

All of the pertinent information and distinctions between surrogacy and IVF are discussed here. After considering all of the pros and cons of both infertility treatments, you may decide if surrogacy or IVF is best for you. Consider your options and plan properly. Any process will require your patience, emotional support, and financial resources. If you have decided to take this step, prepare for everything ahead of time by gathering information, consulting with your physicians, and asking people who have done this before. This way, you will be prepared for any circumstance that may arise during the fertility treatment process. Schedule your appointment with IVF specialist in Delhi NCR at World IVF centre.

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