Tips For Finding the Perfect Sperm Donor

If you’ve tried and failed to conceive, or if you’ve wanted to create a family for a long time, a sperm donor can help you realise your dream. However, finding eligible donors is tough. To qualify as a sperm donor, most major clinics require males to undergo genetic and sperm testing, psychological evaluation, and sexual history screening.

Tips For Finding the Perfect Sperm Donor

The quality of sperm has an impact on a child’s health, looks, and intelligence. As a result, it is critical to pay strict attention. For infertility treatment book your appointment with World ivf center in lajpat nagar.

Reputation of Sperm Bank

Choose a bank that abides by the sperm donation laws. This is a crucial step in establishing legal parenthood. Consult your fertility specialist for a list of reputable sperm banks that can provide high-quality samples. Many banks may also give you the essential information about the donors to assist you in making the best decision.

Medical History of the Donor

Make sure your sperm donor has been screened for HIV, genetic illnesses, and communicable infections. You also have the right to inquire about the donor’s medical history in his or her family. Check the specifics of his sexual practises as well as his genetic problems. Such information on the donor is kept on file by the most reputable sperm banks. All of these factors are likely to have an effect on sperm quality. It’s critical to understand your donor’s medical history. Inherited diseases like cystic fibrosis can be fatal, and knowing about certain genetic illnesses is dependent on the biological father’s family health history. Knowing your donor’s medical history will help you understand any potential hazards your future child may encounter.

Physical characteristics

Many parents anticipate particular physical characteristics in their children. Check the donor’s images if you want your baby to have a specific eye colour, height, or complexion. If the individual’s look matches your preferences, you could choose to consider his or her sperm for your child. However, if all you desire is a healthy kid regardless of appearance, you can skip this step entirely.

Identification of the Donor

You will have no contact with an anonymous contributor if you choose this option. You will never know who he is, even if he is a sperm donor. He won’t have any parental rights over your child, in reality. Some women, on the other side, prefer known donors since they are more confident in their appearance, medical history, education, and family history. However, if the donor is a close cousin or friend, it may be unpleasant to inquire about their medical history. Furthermore, the family or friend may develop feelings for the child, which could cause problems.

Genetic Siblings

Many couples want multiple children from the same donor. You’ll need to make sure the sperm donor has enough to assist you conceive a second kid. Collecting excess sperm and storing it for future use is a fantastic concept.

Make a checklist of these essential points before choosing a sperm donor. To make an informed final decision, conduct your own study and education. You may always call the best fertility clinics in your area for help with the procedure.


Using a sperm donor can be done in two ways. You can choose an anonymous donor based on attributes you value, or you can choose a donor who is familiar to you and has given their approval.

You will be using previously frozen sperm if you use an anonymous donor’s sperm. The reason for this is for your own safety and the safety of your future child. Sexually transmitted illnesses must be screened on sperm donors. The sperm donor must be tested once and then again after 6 months in order for his sperm to receive the “all clear.”

The “waiting period” for those who use a known sperm donor, also known as directed sperm donor, is one week. The prospective directed donor would typically give a blood sample for infectious disease screening and collect sperm that might be frozen the same day. If sperm from a single harvest is sufficient, it can be separated into a few small tubes known as cryo-vials and kept for later use. This allows sperm to be used for more than one IUI or IVF treatment attempt or cycle.


Obviously, conceiving and delivering a healthy baby is your top priority. You’ll also want to think about the physical characteristics you’d like your child to have. Because your donor will contribute half of the DNA, it’s crucial to think about his physical qualities.

What was he like as a child? Someday, you might be looking at a close clone of the biological father. If you have a partner, you may want the donor’s skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity, and physical build to match your spouse’s.


Everyone has their own yardstick for measuring success and potential. You’ll most likely want your sperm donor to have comparable interests and values as you. You might prefer a donor with a higher level of education. If your religious convictions are important to you, you may want to seek a donor who shares your beliefs. When choosing a sperm donor, think about the hobbies, interests, and characteristics you want to see in your future child.

But keep in mind that your child will grow up to be their own person. If you use the sperm of someone who is particularly athletic, your child may develop a stronger artistic side. Similarly, you might choose a scientist’s sperm simply to raise a child who isn’t interested in science. Choosing a sperm donor to give your child certain attributes you admire does not guarantee that such qualities will be present in your future child. Schedule your appointment with World ivf hospital Lajpat Nagar for infertility treatment.

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