Treatment methods to cure male infertility

Infertility requires no other outward symptoms, other than the failure to reproduce within a given amount of time or the inability to bear a live-born child, in most cases. All types of infertility treatment for men are cured by our specialist in world infertility & IVF center Delhi.

Treatment methods to cure male infertility

Man’s fertility assessment includes signs of hormonal deficiency, due to increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, and less facial and body hair. The evaluation also includes asking questions about a man’s physical health history, including past testicular injuries, recent fevers, and childhood diseases such as measles and mumps. The physical examination makes it possible to identify problems such as infection, hernia, or varicocele.

The health care provider in the world infertility & IVF center Delhi may also ask a person to provide a semen sample to assess the health and quality of his sperm. Other tests may involve the assessment of hormones in the blood, testicular biopsy, or genetic testing.

Treatments for male infertility may be based on the underlying cause of the problem or, in the event of no identified problem, evidence-based treatments that improve fertility may be recommended.

Treatments require surgery to repair or correct physical defects or injury to reproductive organs, the use of surgical techniques to deliver sperm to the patient, the fertilization of the egg in the laboratory, and the use of a third party to donate sperm or eggs and/or to have a pregnancy. Medication may cure certain conditions that affect male fertility, including hormonal imbalances and erectile dysfunction. Surgery world infertility & IVF center Delhi can be useful for repairing blockages in sperm transport tubes. Surgery can also be used to fix varicocele. Supporting reproductive technologies, such as in-vitro fertilization, may be successful if such procedures do not restore fertility.

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