What is Fertility MOT

Fertility in females MOT is a thorough examination of female fertility that includes evaluating the ovarian reserve, uterus, and fallopian tubes. To begin, you must schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist at the World IVF Centre. Your consultant will then have a conversation with you about your medical history, sexual life, menstruation history, and lifestyle during this consultation (where do you work, where do you live, do you exercise etc).

What is Fertility MOT

Why should you get a fertility checkup or test?

Women have between one to two million eggs when they are born. That appears to be quite a sum. Women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have, unlike men, who create new sperm every day of their life. Worse yet, they gradually lose them.

The number of eggs you were born with will decrease to around 450,000 gradually with the onset of adolescence and menstruation. This process will last the rest of your life. The quality of eggs degrades at a slower rate. This process picks up speed around the age of 35 and then slows down dramatically in one’s 40s.

In women beyond the age of 30, the loss in both egg quality and quantity makes it more difficult to conceive naturally or with treatment. This can even begin early in certain women. This is more common in women who have a family history of infertility or premature menopause.

The benefits of female fertility MOTs

Through a fertility MOT, women can benefit and feel empowered by being informed of their egg health at a younger age, when they still have time to plan for their future.

For women who are single or in a relationship, world IVF Centre offers a complete fertility MOT (evaluation) programme. We can provide a basic or comprehensive female MOT to meet your needs.

What is included?

The AMH hormone level is measured as part of the ovarian reserve evaluation to determine how many eggs a woman has left and the quality of those eggs. This information provides insight into a woman’s natural reproductive potential as well as her potential response to hormone stimulation during fertility treatment. In a same-sex couple, screening will be for one of the partners, but both partners can be examined for an additional fee.

an ultrasonography of the ovary and uterus (if a same sex couple, a scan of each partner if the couple wishes)

a study of sperm (if required). After a male has abstained from sexual activity for two to seven days, a sperm sample can be supplied at any time.

a meeting with a fertility specialist to go over the test results and talk about your options.

a follow-up appointment prior to treatment

a session of counselling (seen separately to the consultation)

Is this consultation capable of identifying all reasons of infertility?

The fertility MOT is a set of tools that can be used to look into the most frequent causes of infertility. If necessary, a fertility specialist will discuss additional possible tests with you, such as HyCosy / HSG testing for open (patent) Fallopian tubes.

What is the duration of the consultation?

Our goal is to complete everything at the same time, though the sperm test (if necessary) and the AMH test can be completed ahead of time if desired. A fertility specialist will do an ultrasound scan (two in a same-sex pair if necessary) and discuss the findings of all of the tests with you during your consultation. Your fertility specialist will inquire about your medical history, as well as if you are presently attempting to conceive or have ever had any fertility tests or investigations, as well as whether you have ever been pregnant or had any children.

We will either reassure you that there is no indication that you will have difficulty conceiving, or we will explain the implications of any unexpected findings and outline your options, including the potential of fertility therapy, at the conclusion of the appointment. If the sperm sample was taken right before the session, the results may be accessible during the consultation or later that day via phone call. If an AMH is performed during the consultation, we will contact you a week later with the results of the test and what they indicate in terms of the discussion.

The results may either reveal curable issues that are delaying conception or reassure the couple that they have a good probability of naturally conceiving.

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