What is IVF and why World IVF Centre is the right choice for YOU

Are you tired of trying to have a baby and failing? Do you feel your biological clock tick-tick-tocking? Do you feel desperate enough to start believing in miracles? Well, worry no more because best IVF centre in Delhi, is the right choice for you. That is because, at our best IVF hospital in Delhi, we mix just enough science with the magic of baby-making to pull off miracles for you. We can reassure you that soon enough you will have your own little bundle of joy to brighten your homes.

What is IVF and why World IVF Centre is the right choice for YOU

The word ‘infertility’ has a lot of stigmas attached to it, especially in India and more so with the male gender. Although you might have grown up believing that infertility is a disease and that you are not doing right by your family by being infertile, we can reassure you that ‘infertility’ is now a mere roadblock in your journey towards parenthood.

Infertility can put a lot of strain on couples, so at our IVF hospital in Delhi, our first job is to reaffirm to you that it is NOT your fault. Our fertility clinic comes well equipped with relationship and family therapists, and our IVF experts are well versed in comforting the would-be parents. So CHOOSE US, because we are the ANSWER to all your fertility problems.

What is infertility? How is it diagnosed?

First things first, you have to understand that although there is no set definition for infertility, a couple is generally said to be infertile if they are unable to get pregnant even after a year or more of actively trying. Infertility is also considered in cases, where a woman can get pregnant but the pregnancies always end up in a miscarriage or stillbirth.

The diagnosis of infertility is made only after a comprehensive test has been performed on both the respective male and female reproductive organs of the couple.

Some of the tests that a fertility expert can run to diagnose infertility are:-

In Men-

  • Sperm Testing
  • Hormone testing
  • Genital ultrasound
  • Genetic testing

In women-

  • Pelvic Area Examination
  • Ovulation testing/ Menstruation evaluation
  • Genital ultrasound
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Laparoscopy
  • Ovarian Reserve Testing

Who are reproductive experts?

There are many different kinds of reproductive experts and it might be a little confusing so let me just straighten it out for you in simple words.

A Reproductive Endocrinologist is a gynaecologist who has received additional training in male and female infertility treatment. They also help patients who are suffering from genital cancer and need fertility preservation, such as freezing the sperm or ovum, etc. They are the primary care physicians for infertile couples.

Andrologists are urologists, who have trained additionally in male infertility. He treats male patients suffering from reproductive infections, erectile dysfunction, testicular torsion, and undescended testes.

A reproductive surgeon is responsible for treating any surgical complications in a patient’s reproductive organs, like vasectomies, endometrial cancers, etc.

Reproductive immunologists consult with patients suffering from recurrent miscarriage, unexplained infertility, or unexplained repeated IVF failure.

How can you choose the right fertility clinic?

Choosing the right fertility expert can be an arduous task. Here are some suggestions we can give you to help you in your choice :

  • Cost of IVF treatment – While a lot of IVF centres claim to be affordable and pocket-friendly, often they have hidden costs that are not disclosed to the patient before it is too late and he is stuck having to pay exorbitant prices. So before choosing an IVF clinic, make sure that the prices being offered to you are the real prices and the clinic is not duping you.
  • The credibility of IVF experts- With the growing epidemic of infertility in the world, a lot of infertility experts are emerging in India. While they may claim to be experts, you must always check their actual credibility before going to them for treatment.
  • IVF success rates of the team- You should also check the success rates of the fertility team at the clinic and how many IVF cycles did their patients undergo before succeeding in getting pregnant.
  • Experience of the centre- The experience of the fertility experts at the clinic is also important as they may need to deal with complications during the treatment. If the IVF specialist is not sufficiently experienced, then they may not be able to deal with complications arising in the middle of the treatment which may cause irreparable harm.
  • The demeanor of the experts- The final test an IVF specialist has to undergo is whether they can make patients comfortable with them. Your gut will tell you if they are right for you or not.


Finally, in conclusion, don’t despair if you are unable to conceive a child. Now, the way out of infertility is at the tip of your fingers. Find the right fertility expert for you. The right fertility expert for you should have the following credentials-

  • They should be experienced, affordable and talented in their field.
  • They should be associated with a good fertility clinic.
  • They should have a warm and reassuring demeanor with the ability to make patients comfortable in their presence.

At World IVF Centre, the best IVF hospital in Delhi, we can reassure you that you will receive world-class IVF treatment. Our staff undergoes a set of rigorous tests to make sure that they are capable of providing the best treatment for you at prices that are affordable to you.

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