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Embryology Training Course

Course Objective

To train a general obstetrician/gynecologist to function as an independent consultant in reproductive medicine by working in a state of art infertility center, where almost 1000 ICSI procedures are performed every year while maintaining an excellent success rate without the usage of donor eggs/sperm. The program will provide a thorough education program specifically targeted at physicians who would like to pursue the field of reproductive medicine in either the research, clinical, or education line. When the fellowship the fellow will be competent to:

  1. You can easily assess the infertile couple and make a diagnosis within two visits
  2. Begin controlled ovarian stimulation to Ovulation stimulation (including gonadotrophins) and adapting the protocol as for the specific needs of each patient.
  3. Find and handle difficult cases, such as those that have inadequate ovarian reserve, low responders, previous IVF-ICSI that failed multiple times or recurrent loss of pregnancy etc.
  4. Conduct a thorough pre-ICSI examination of the patient, including an individualization of the decision to conduct ICSI at the right time based on each patient's specific characteristics.
  5. Take care of a variety of issues affecting the growth of function, quality, and age of the reproductive system of humans.
  6. Perform various surgical procedures pertaining to reproductive medicine, such as but not only diagnostic hystero-laparoscopy or level-ll endoscopic procedures, such as adhesiolysis, removal of endometriotic cysts and ovarian cystectomy, as well as selective ovarian drilling, myomectomy etc. and other specific procedures for infertility like intrauterine insemination TESA, PESA, oocyte retrieval (egg picking up) as well as transfer of embryos.
  7. Do abdominal ultrasounds and vaginal ultrasounds and include Doppler scans and follicular monitoring. 3D and 4D scans that relate to reproductive medical.
  8. Know the techniques, interpret the technique, its benefits and limitations of different imaging/lab procedures related in reproductive health.
  9. Initiate an independent practice of infertility, which includes the establishment of an IVF lab. In this case, they can seek advice from our center.
About World IVF centre
“Course Available with University Certification ”

Course Overview

World Infertility and IVF Centre proud to provide an Embryology-related training course for future medical professionals. We offer an Embryology Training Course is specifically designed to provide students with the expertise and knowledge to be successful embryologists. The course covers a broad spectrum of topics, such as fertilization, the development of the embryo and assisted reproductive technology.

In the World Infertility and IVF Centre, we recognize the complexity of embryology as a field that requires specific education. This is why our Embryology Training course is a combination of classroom lectures and practical laboratory experiences. Students will be able to access the latest equipment and facilities, which allows them to gain hands-on knowledge of embryology techniques such as cryopreservation and micromanipulation.
Our group of highly experienced instructors include some of the most renowned names in the area of reproduction medicine. They are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise with students as well as giving them mentorship throughout their education.
The Embryology Training course has been specifically designed to meet the demands of healthcare professionals working in embryology. Our experts have designed a series of modules designed to meet specific roles in the field. No matter if you're a fertility expert, embryologist or scientist, the program will equip you with the understanding and skills required to succeed in your chosen field.
The available modules provide a variety of subjects, including fertilization techniques, embryo development and genetic testing. Each module is intended to be useful to novices and professionals alike. We realize that each person has different levels of knowledge and knowledge; that's why we've designed programs that are geared towards every level of expertise. The Embryology Training Course also includes hands-on training that allows participants to get hands-on experience using a variety of methods.
In the end, Embryology Training course is an investment worth making for any physician who wants to increase their knowledge in this area.
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