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Infertility Management Training

Course Objective

To train a general obstetrician/gynecologist to function as an independent consultant in reproductive medicine by working in a state of art infertility center, where almost 1000 ICSI procedures are performed every year while maintaining an excellent success rate without the usage of donor eggs/sperm. It is a full education program specifically targeted at physicians who would like to pursue an career in reproductive medicine in either the clinical, research or education line. When the fellowship, the trainee should be able to:

  1. You can easily assess the infertile couple and make an accurate diagnosis in just two visits.
  2. Start controlled ovarian stimulation to Ovulation stimulation (including gonadotrophins) and tailoring the protocols for the specific needs of each patient.
  3. Conduct a thorough pre-ICSI examination of the patient, including an personalization of the choice to perform ICSI at the right time based on each patient's specific characteristics.
  4. Treat a range of medical issues that affect the functioning, development and ageing of the reproductive system of humans.
  5. Perform various surgical procedures relating to reproductive medicine. This includes but not limited to diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy or level-ll endoscopic procedures, such as adhesiolysis and endometriotic cyst removal, ovarian cystectomy myomectomy, ovarian drilling etc. and other specific infertility procedures such as intrauterine insemination TESA, PESA, oocyte retrieval (egg take-up) and transfer of embryos.
  6. Conduct abdominal ultrasounds as well as Doppler scans as well as follicular monitoring. 3D and 4D scans related to reproductive medical.
  7. Know the techniques, understanding, the advantages, and drawbacks of different imaging/lab procedures related in reproductive health.
  8. Initiate an independent practice of infertility, which includes setting up an IVF lab. For this, they can seek advice from our centre.
About World IVF centre
“Course Available with University Certification ”

Course Overview

World Infertility and IVF Centre is pleased to offer an intense Infertility Management Training course for hopeful medical professionals. This highly-specialized course was designed to equip students with the information and abilities required to deal with the issues of infertility in women and men. The course covers a broad variety of subjects, that include male and female infertility issues reproductive endocrinology and assisted reproductive technologies, as well as ethical issues.

This Infertility Management Training course at World Infertility and IVF Centre is supervised by skilled instructors who have become recognized in their respective fields. Students have access to modern facilities, which are equipped with the latest technologies used to treat fertility issues. The curriculum also offers hands-on instruction that gives students the opportunity to gain experiences in diagnosing and treating infertility issues under the supervision of experts. When they complete this extensive course, students will be able to offer high-quality treatment for patients suffering from infertility.

The courses are designed to meet the demands of the various healthcare professionals who deal with infertility. From obstetricians and Gynecologists and fertility experts, the courses are aimed at offering a customized training program which cater to the different levels of knowledge among the participants. Each participant receives tailored training that meets their individual requirements while allowing them access to the latest research in fertility management.

In the end, Infertility Management Training is an investment worth making for any physician who wants to increase their expertise in this area.

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